We miss you so much Wolfgang
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Entry no. 102 from Utku (Your Otherself) on 12.12.2007

It has now been 60 days since you left us with our loneliness and without your shine upon us.

My love to you is ever growing and the autumn of my heart will never go away.

Rest in Peace my wonder darling.

Deine Utku.

Entry no. 101 from RACABG on 09.12.2007

Dragi Garp pocivaj u miru

Entry no. 100 from KeireaL on 01.12.2007

May his soul rest in peace

Entry no. 99 from KriZstan (Robert A.W.) on 28.11.2007

Garp, I am speechless of your untimely passing. You know I always looked up to you and held you so dear to my heart no matter how much we bickered. I will miss you more than you will ever know. My thoughts and prays goes out to your Family and friends and a special hug for you EQ, I Know how hard it is to lose someone so close and dear as a lover. As I sit here typing these words I can t help but remember all the good (and bad) times we had together, you were unlike anyone I have ever met online.. I have to make a confession ... I remember the day we first met, I asked you if your name was the title of a book, you said yes. (I remember that day so vividly) anyways my confession is (I googled hehe) Rest in Peace my dearest Garp and your memories will forever be in, not only my heart, but those of whom you have touched. Good bye for now my friend, I look forward to meeting you in another time and place. *HUGGERS* Oh Garp, I never got to say good bye and I haven t talked to you in a long time after the fall of gay I feel so bad.. tears come to my eyes as I type these words. Good Bye my love *HUGGERS*

Entry no. 98 from muidispo on 27.11.2007

dah 1 bulan lebih dia pergi .... seperti baru kemaren gwe becanda dan main kata kataan sama dia .... walau kadang gwe bingung ... dan hidup dia buat gwe adalah mistery .... gwe sedih banget ... ke hilangan salah 1 teman terbaik gwe.... gwe kangen dia ... gwe pengen bisa berbuat sesuatu buat dia .... walau gwe tau sekarang itu gak mungkin... Garp ... makasih banayk ya ... loe dah banyak bantu gwe .. dan pendengar yang baik selama ini buat gwe ....

buat BB : tetap kuat ya ......

Entry no. 97 from In Memory of Dearest..Now And Forever in our heart... on 27.11.2007

Entry no. 96 from Utku (Your Otherself) on 26.11.2007

Sen gidersen sesin gider
Kokun gider yüzün gider
Ay dolan& r pusularda
Tenim titrer gecem biter

Sen gidersen yüzün gider
Mart küser bayku öter
Senden kalan son hat ra
ki damla ya n gider

Sen gidersen boyun gider
Posun gider sözün gider
Bir ey kopar yüre imden
Çat lmad k ka n gider

Sen gidersen sohbet gider
Tad m gider tuzum gider
Dinledi im her ark da
Tel k r l r sazdan dü er

Sen gidersen ba kent gider
içim ü ür ayaz dü er
zmir de konak meydan
stanbul da taksim dü er

Sen gidersen can m gider
Ad n geçer içim titrer
u da lanm yüre ime
Sevda denen akkor dü er

Sen gidersen her ey gider
Sesin gider,sesim dü er
Sen gidersen ey sevgili
Ben biterim,iir biter...

Entry no. 95 from ira on 26.11.2007

i ve been on9 for years now..and one of the nickname that stucked in my mind since the first time i came to any queer channel is Garp,the most silent one,at first i thought he was just a bot..but now i know,im representing all malaysians to greet a big condolences to his family, as well as his loved one...

Entry no. 94 from harald on 20.11.2007

i have been gone in irc for some weeks, and when i return to gay after 6-8 weeks i get the message about garps departure. Garp is a person i wish i knew better. Garp wasn t only the operator of our chat room, he was our friend and a friendly person who will be missed.

Entry no. 93 from Chandra on 12.11.2007

Phew..been a long time not to be in gay and I don t hear the news. But - that s just the way it is.
In fact, I don t even know what to type here...may be doing the same thing as others do - mourning. That s one part of it - while others...
I m confused - spinned and and sucked into a big dizzling memories about you, GARP. I had even just realized that - i was like everyone - knowing not too much about you. I lose the shape - the form of you that i should keep as something in my memory. i dont even remember who you are - or what you are.
it s strange though. After years i talk (chat)with you, i have and i keep some feelings about you. i have never really see you in the eye, i ve never listen you talk by the ear and i HAVE NEVER touch you so real. But i certainly have something that is so hard to tell you and everyone about you in here, my heart. i m so confident that i still feel the way i felt when i first time met you that night. I miss you much, and i love you in anyway you want to think of - no matter.
I have to be honest about my feeling. i was angry, i was mad, pissed, fear, sad, and i was also excited. i didnt try to understand your reason back there. we didnt. but i learned...then...and that is all have left til now. and im gonna keep it.
for the very last one, i wont be sorry that you have gone without telling me - or that nobody is telling me. You have your own charismatic way....and YOUR REASONS - that s all enough to remember. Yes, I love you and I will remember the day we had.
God shall embrace your soul.Peace.....

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