We miss you so much Wolfgang
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Entry no. 122 from Fifaaa on 23.11.2014

Its been ages since you are gone. But somewhere in our hearts and memories you still live. I was reading all these statments by the people from different countries who have never met but you brought us together.
I miss you my friend.

Entry no. 121 from Kiaran Clarson on 27.12.2011

Happy Christmas Garp, miss you still and always will, times past things have changed a lot but I still miss you mate, I ve grown up a lot since the days on IRC and for the best I hope, any ways MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT NEW YEAR TO ALL. Love Kiaran Clarson XXXXXXXXXX.

Entry no. 120 from Dave on 30.01.2011

The years may pass, but your memory remains. Still miss you very much, the talks we used to have, your advice and help when needed, you are always in my thoughts. I hope one day to see you again when I too pass into the great beyond. May God watch over and keep you safe. Miss you very much, my friend.

"If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden." - Claudia Ghandi

Entry no. 119 from Kiaran Clarson on 21.02.2010

God it s been three years since you passed and I still miss you Garp, nothing as been the same since you left I don t even go on IRC no longer coz it s rubbish, you did a great job on gay@ running it and keeping it interesting miss that, well hope you are happy where you are resting in heaven. miss you mate lots and lots love Kia hugz xxxxxxxxxx cya in the next life ok :) don t forget me ok .

Entry no. 118 from k_o_k_i on 02.01.2010

Few years passed since the saddening departure of yours , But would this mean I forgot about you , No way , I just wanted to come here and tell you , You are definitely missed..

Entry no. 117 from dust-devil on 21.12.2008

Hallo Wolli,

nu bist du schon über ein Jahr nicht mehr unter uns. Dennoch bist du weiter präsent. Im Travian heutiger Tage stehst du immer noch in den Allianz oder Acc Profilen.

Auch unser WW att wurde dir gewidmet:


Wir werden dich auch weiterhin nicht vergessen.


Entry no. 116 from Utku (Your Otherself) on 07.09.2008

I still love you , just like i do the first day.
I come back here and just look at this page even if i write nothing, just because i cannot visit your resting place in real. Well.. this is my fate maybe.
I love love you baby Wolf..

Entry no. 115 from Jolle on 28.05.2008

hab mich lange netmehr hier blicken lassen.

Deine Travian Community - speziell ich - wir vermissen dich immernoch wie am ersten Tag.


Entry no. 114 from Gabrielus on 24.05.2008

Rest in peace Garp, my condolences to his family :(

Entry no. 113 from Utku (Your Otherself) on 05.05.2008

I just can t get used to it. I wrap the wound in my heart with love and beautiful thoughts of yours. But you know what doesn t change? This emptiness i feel behind my face since you left. It doesn t get any better, it is nothing to wrap around with love, it is nothing to learn to live with it. It is just empty . It is there since you first left and it is not going anywhere. And believe me, i can take care of the wound in my heart, but not this emptiness.
* sigh *
I love you, and i miss you.

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